Double Canon Canon-EF for NEX autofocus adapter test at

And thats the beauty of using Canon glass – it adapts to a wide range of cameras. Including BMCC, RED and here below an adapter for Sonys‘ E-Mount.

Double Canon Canon-EF for NEX autofocus adapter test at

As you know we now have three new EF to E-mount adapter that support full electronic control (aperture and autofocus).
One is the Techart EOS-E-mount adapter (here on eBay)
Than we have the RJ EOS-E-mount adapter (Click here).
And soon to come the updated Metabones Smart Adapter II (only the older version yet available on eBay). (translation here) is the first website to test the new Metabones adapter and compared it with the Techart adapter. In short the Metabones has the better AF performance according to the reviewer (and is also the adpater the costs most!).

More news:
R.J.’s Electronic EF to NEX Adapter Review (Click here).
Techart Adapter video (Click here).

(Via sonyalpharumors)

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